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What The Community Says
My INNER HEALTH Club empowers you to create and define your own and individual health principles. To take a closer look at your inner self and expand it.
Open House Magazine
Just wanted to let you know I love your project and everything you share is so relevant to my everyday life.
Isabelle Werner
Exhaustion and burnout are chronic conditions in todays’ hectic, always-on societies. Luckily, there is an alternative.
I thought I was setting boundaries but My INNER HEALTH Club has broadened my understanding, and has helped me look deep into myself & my needs.
Leemor Smith
My Inner Health Club: The Netflix for Mindfulness
HER etiquette
Thanks for inspiring me everyday, daily practice guides from you have truly helped me transform my everyday life and I’ve found so much love for myself.
Levi Miller
The one-stop shop for all your health-related issues.
METAL Magazine
A revolutionary step in shaping our relationship with health
Zoo Magazine
Health made Simple
Best kept secrets of health, delivered straight into your in-box.
How Does My INNER HEALTH Club Work?
When you become a member, you subscribe to our monthly streaming service. This grants you access to all of our audio and video content, which covers all manner of holistic health topics and concerns – from the tiniest concerns to the broadest issues.

The knowledge, advice, tips and classes available to you come from an international network of leading health experts, practitioners and trainers. We regularly expand on our content, covering more topics in order to provide you with everything you need to know to take control of your health.
Take some time to settle in and explore. This is a self-guided journey. Your dashboard is updated weekly with fresh, dynamic content designed to help you build healthy habits, and set routines that make you feel energized, inspired and ready to face the day.

With over 100+ video and audio classes for you to choose from, you can easily find content most relevant to you. In your main Discover page, search classes by concern to tackle common ailments head on: from stress, a weak immune system, digestive disorders and low energy.

All you need is 1 minute a day to equip yourself with healthy habits.
Choose any class, any time. Our Discover page is your tool kit to empowered mental and physical health. Select classes by concern, video, audio or choose from a variety of curated libraries that we release weekly. From How To Nourish Yourself, to Destress In 5 Minutes, this is your journey. We’re here to support you in the here and now.

We suggest getting started with our Big Why or Rate Yourself classes to help understand how you can start transforming your well-being through holistic health.

You can reach out to our support team with any questions if you need help.
When you sign up for a subscription, it begins with a free 7-14-day trial. After this period, your subscription will be € 19.90 per month. Alternatively, you can make an annual payment of € 198 and save, reducing your monthly rate to just € 16.50.
Our audio and video content can only be enjoyed online. However, you can download a PDF for each audio piece and read it, instead, while offline.