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In everyday life, especially at work, our mental ability to withstand stress, conflicts and health issues is often exhausted. Resilience refers to our natural ability to withstand these situations. Our first module will take your team through the structure of the program and provide a high-level overview of the classes on offer.

WEEK 1: Strengthen mental health

Psychologist Dr. rer. medic. Dada Held-Poschardt will show your team how to build resilience, to not only be content and authentic, but also to adapt well in the face of adversity, challenges, or significant sources of stress. Our yoga teacher Eva Kaczor teaches the power of breath, movement and meditation for focus, clarity and vision.

WEEK 2: The gut-brain-axis

In this module, physician and naturopath Prof. Dr. Bernhard Uehleke talks about how diet can help to cope with stress by using the force behind the gut-brain connection as well as our endocrine system. Our nutritional analyst will explain the strategy of brain-focused nourishment.


Dr. med. Pouria Taheri refers to a state of consciousness, the so-called relaxed readiness, it’s a way of being that allows us to approach situations as they actually are, for our own mental strength. Tai chi – with its physical and emotional benefits, which include decreased anxiety and depression, and improvements in cognition – will become a daily tool.


Dr. Carolin Marx-Dick teaches us new habits for better sleep, in order to bring more energy into our lives. During the class, the attendees will simply tense and relax muscles. The century-old technique, called progressive muscle relaxation, forces us to focus on the physical parts of the body, directing the attention away from whatever thoughts or stressors we may be ruminating about.


We will give our attendees a plan on how to continue this journey. Let’s clear mental space, to make room for creative, conscious thinking. We settle into a new daily practice.


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