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  • Group Guided and motivating courses
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  • Group Holistic knowledge from scientists
  • Group Mental resilience, nutrition, movement, sleep
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Everything you need to know about My INNER HEALTH Club

What is My Inner Health Club?

My INNER HEALTH Club is a digital wellbeing studio for individuals and teams. We offer guided programs based on holistic principles. Our goal is to make people feel better by giving them the knowledge to evaluate their individual wellbeing, as well as the tools to improve it.

Who is My Inner Health Club for?

My INNER HEALTH Club is for anyone who’s seeking to enhance their daily existence through better wellbeing. Our programs are intentionally broad in order to touch on all relevant aspects of wellbeing, while remaining goaloriented, practical and supportive.

How does My Inner Health Club work?

My INNER HEALTH Club offers guided programs through multimedia content. Each week, during the program, a new module is released to the user consisting of a lecture and a class.

What makes My Inner Health Club different from other wellness programs?

My INNER HEALTH Club is not just a fitness or meditation app. We work in a visual language with a two-level approach: sharing knowledge that leads into practical advice to enhance your daily routine. We believe it’s these simple, subtle adjustments, which are easy to integrate into busy lives, that have the most profound effect. Our programs touch on all the essential pillars of wellbeing, so are relevant to everyone, no matter how large or diverse your team. Instead of relying on anonymous algorithms and inflexible tech, our programs are bespoke, personal and platform-agnostic. For custom solutions on how to integrate our content into your business and white-label our programs, please get in touch with us.

How much does My Inner Health Club cost?

My INNER HEALTH Club programs can be accessed individually through our self-service route. For business and teams, we are happy to find a package solution. You are welcome to book a free demo or trial with us for the whole program.

Is it possible to buy all programs in a bundle?

Yes, you can buy access to all of our current and future programs. Please get in touch with us for a quote that’s tailored to your team size.

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