Expert Profile
Dr. Fleur Sakura Wöss
Japanologist and Zen teacher

Dr. Fleur Sakura Wöss is a Japanologist and Zen teacher, and shares her expertise in our course ‘Lacking Focus? How To Find Inner Peace And Clarity’. She taught Far Eastern philosophy for 14 years at the Universities of Vienna, Zürich and Freie Universität Berlin. In her Zen-Zentrum Mishoan (‘Temple of Smiles’) in Vienna, she passes on her experience of 40 years of daily meditation to people seeking inner peace, clarity and serenity. She is also a speaker and author of several books. Her book ‘Innehalten. Zen üben, Atem holen, Kraft schöpfen’ (Pause. Zen Practice, Catch Your Breath, Draw Strength) made her well known in the German-speaking world.