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In Ayurvedic nutrition, we understand that all diseases and imbalances begin in the gut – and that we can also heal them from there as well. The concept of nutrition is so deeply interwoven with the conversation of digestion that it’s difficult to separate the two. Food IS medicine.

Hundreds of years before Hippocrates instructed, “Let food be thy medicine,” Ayurveda defined principles for making that advice practical. Ayurveda has long used nutrition as a principle means of creating health within the body and mind.

Better Health At A Cellular Level

To understand this concept, one has to understand the basic principle of Ayurveda: the Five elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – that exist in all matters of life. According to the practice, these 5 elements manifest in the human body as three Doshas – Vata (Air & Space with the principle of movement), Pitta (Fire & Water with the principle of metabolism) and Kapha (Water & Earth with the principle of structure).

In Ayurveda, every living creature is an expression of an individual Dosha. In the same way, every food has unique properties. Eating certain foods has a negative or positive effect on your Dosha.

Easy Tips For Ayurvedic Nutrition

001 Use Digestive Spices: In your cooking, cardamon, ginger and cinnamon help with digestion, absorption & assimilation of nutrients.

002 Use Healthy Fat For Cooking: Fats like coconut and sesame oil  helps you to absorb vitamins, manage hormonal imbalance and make your food more digestible.

003 Enjoy Freshly Cooked Foods: Leftovers can often be gas producing & devoid of nutritional content. Ditch them after 24 hours.

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