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The fact our diet has a thing or two to do with how our body behaves is not surprising. Even how we feel mentally is affected by what we eat. Our belly and brain have a lot to do with each other. In fact, they communicate with each other!

Your gut is like your second brain and internal health center. Since around 80% of the immune system lives within our gut, what we eat has an impact on our mental and physical health. So, how can you tell if your digestion is happy?

What’s Healthy and What’s Not? 

Keeping track of your bowel movements is one of the best things you can do. Generally speaking, the sweet spot for a healthy bowel movement is within the 12-24 hour window. Anything that exceeds 24+ hours might mean your body isn’t eliminating wastes and toxins like it should be.

Your bowel movements should be regular, usually daily, and stools should come out easily. You shouldn’t have to push or strain, neither should your stool come out as liquid or as smaller bits and clumps. A hard stool tells you that you need to increase your water and fiber intake.

When you’re constipated, you reabsorb harmful toxins from your colon back to your bloodstream. This puts extra pressure on your liver. When we put a burden on our liver, we can end up with a range of issues like hormonal imbalance, fatigue and depression.

The Bowel Movement Beet Test 

Even if you’re going ‘Number 2’ at least once a day, you could still be constipated. You can test your bowel transit time to find out:

001: Eat a large serving of beets (½ cup raw or 1 cup cooked beets)
002: Write down the date and time of consumption
003: Check your poop in 12 hours
004: You have your transit time once your stool is red from beets

A New Way To Understand Health

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