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According to the World Health Organization, 120 million people around the world suffer from depression every year. Winter months in colder climates can be particularly challenging, with a general lack of Vitamin D, movement and warmth through this changing season.

In the USA alone, 10-20 million people experience mild SAD:  a seasonal affective disorder and type of depression that results in low mood. That’s why we created the Strong Mind Challenge, to help you build healthy habits that embrace your differences, struggles and successes. Everything that makes you human.

What To Expect 

Embark with us on a journey together to strengthen and regenerate your mental health. Over the span of 2 weeks we’ll explore the connection between body and mind, looking closer at how to boost your immune system through a balanced mental state.

Each day, you’ll be guided through different techniques and exercises to explore, and better understand how your physical and mental health support each other. You’ll be equipped to deal with difficult every-day situations by learning how to draw on your own strengths.

What To Expect

01: Sign up to the challenge here
02: Check your inbox daily for a challenge of the day.
03: Take time to ground yourself. Start streaming.
04: Learn from the world’s best health experts.
05: Improve your emotional well-being and mental resilience.

Want to share your progress with us? Tag @myinnerhealthclub on Instagram.

Our Mission 

By embracing and balancing your emotions, at the end of the Strong Mind Challenge you’ll gain a deeper, authentic connection with yourself. Our mission is to help you understand, maintain and preserve your health. To join our Strong Mind Challenge, it’s easy. Click here.

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