The power of mindset
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Words and language are the start of creation. They are magical and powerful. They bring colour to life and help us communicate on a deeper level.

We all form attachments to what words mean and interpret them differently based on our own experiences. Mostly through widely accepted definitions and the connotations that come with them.

It also depends on things like your cultural heritage, education, religion, up-bringing, media landscape and so many other variables unique to what makes you, you.

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Have you ever stopped to notice if your perspective in certain situations is truly serving you? The ability to reframe our perspective not only changes the way we think, it changes how we feel and act. Having perspective gives us choices.

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. What he meant is that it’s hard to see new perspectives when we’re rigid and stuck in our ways. Understanding and being aware of different perspectives opens us up to more possibilities.

When we embrace other perspectives, we can see more clearly, have more compassion and even feel more in control of our choices and actions.

Reframe Your Perspective 

01: Be Open
Practice letting go of any preconceived ideas that cause you stress or anxiety. Soften your expectations of yourself and others to open your heart and mind.

02: Recognize The Opposite
There’s duality in everything. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of a situation, bring in gratitude to boost your neuroplasticity and change your thinking patterns.

03: Let Go Of Judgement
Letting go of judgement gives us the freedom to see new perspectives and find better ones.

04: Practice Daily
It takes time to shift perspective and build new habits. Tools like meditation or breathwork quiet the mind and allow us to think more clearly.

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