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Do you often live in your head? Do you struggle to be present?

You’re surely not alone. In today’s modern world, in order to achieve success, we learn to perform, mentally and physically, before all else. It’s an approach that removes us from organic interactions, and also from ourselves, our needs, feelings, and bodily sensations. Not only can we not think our way into having empathy towards ourselves and others, but, for true intimacy, we need to open up and be vulnerable.

When it comes to achieving true holistic wellbeing, it’s crucial to also consider your body’s ability to signal what is good for you and what isn’t. Enter somatic intelligence.

How To Reconnect With Your Body

01 Curiosity: Start to really understand your body and how it reacts in various situations. What do you feel when? How does it feel to touch objects, people, and yourself? Is there anything you can’t feel? Listen to your sensations, rather than your rational thoughts.

02 Movement: Exercise to really release tension. Delve into Qigong to work with your energy, practice yoga to find balance, or find another full-body exercise that truly eases your mind and body.

03 Breath: Breathe more deeply. Engage in breathing meditation. More so, the right techniques help you create more balance, energy and wellbeing – this guide will show you how.

04 Mindfulness: There are myriad dimensions to mindfulness. Eating mindfully, for instance (learn more about it here). Or focusing your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

05 Nature: Living in urban jungles, in particular, removes you from your natural surroundings. Try to reconnect with nature when and where you can: Spend time in parks, start gardening, walk barefoot, and live with the seasons by consuming foods that are locally available to you, for instance.

Further explore the topic of low energy with our audio and video content pieces. They offer holistic solutions and expert advice, and will empower you to take an active and preventative role in your health.


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