Gut Instincts You Shouldn’t Ignore

Feeling constantly tired and exhausted often derives from a lifestyle packed to the limit with things you still need to do – but have no time for.

Learn how this downward spiral affects your health, and how you can make simple habit changes to begin to recharge your batteries.


The Low Energy Spiral 

Having low energy quickly becomes a spiral: when you struggle to keep up with everyday life. You feel weak, depleted and might even manage less of what you want to achieve. Your list of unfinished tasks grows to a mountain. Sound familiar? 

That’s why we look into the four pillars of health – nutrition, sleep, mental resilience and movement – and guide you on what you need to do against low energy. Most of the time it’s not that difficult. But it in fact, requires changes in everyday habits and rituals. And sometimes it’s all about asking yourself the right questions.


Are You Running On Empty?

Listen to your body – it will tell you all you need to know. Here are five areas to consider that suggest your energy levels need a boost.

01: Inactivity: Do you have an inactive lifestyle, with too much sitting and not enough exercise? This can actually deplete your energy levels due to a higher resting heart rate and lower oxygen intake.

02: Hydration: Feeling thirsty? Dehydration is a common cause of low energy. 

03: Nutrients: Magnesium, for example, activates up to 300 enzymes in your body that speed up your metabolism and activate energy stored in your muscles.

04: Sleep Cycle: Are you out of sync with your circadian rhythm? If you keep living against it, you will most likely feel drained. 

05: Relationships: Do you have an energy thief in your life? This is any toxic person you have a close relationship with.

Feeling Exhausted?

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