Let’s Talk About Burnout

Have you ever slept a full 8 hours but still felt exhausted? While sleeping is physical rest, research shows there’s several types of rest you need to avoid burnout. 

Learn all about why you sleep, what happens to you physically and mentally when you don’t get enough, as well as many tips to improve your nightly rest and avoid burnout.

How Sleep Impacts Your Health

Developing a sleep routine has many benefits – it can help you relax in preparation for bedtime, fall asleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and even wake up more easily the next day. It’s also a great natural aid if you suffer from a sleep disorder. 

Sleep has a variety of functions, two of which are particularly important. First, we maintain and strengthen the plasticity of body and mind while sleeping. All the waste that has accumulated during the day is flushed out at night. In this way, we regain strength for the next day.

Second, memory formation, which mainly takes place during sleep, is also particularly important. While we store information such as accumulated knowledge, impressions and feelings in our short-term memory during the day, we consolidate it in our long-term memory at night. 

Good sleep starts when you get up. Bringing a regular rhythm and a regular structure into our everyday life is beneficial for a good night’s sleep. Follow our guide on how to create a routine that suits you.

Guide To Rest 

01: Physical Rest: A lack of sleep depletes your energy. Try to take power naps, sleep 7+ hours, stretch or use an ergonomic chair to get both active and passive rest. 

02: Mental Rest: Needed to combat overthinking. Write down your to-do’s, create a shutdown ritual to separate work and life, or take a break from problem-solving. 

03: Social Rest: Evaluate your relationships. Spend more time with people that give you energy, or block out alone time if you’re introverted.  

04: Spiritual Rest: Find something bigger than yourself that inspires you. Work a job that ignites your purpose or volunteer for a cause that matters to you. 

05: Sensory Rest: Reduce overstimulation. Turn off your notifications, take a break from social media or limit video meetings.

Sleep Peacefully

Anyone who wants to do something good for their health, vitality and performance needs to ensure adequate to good sleep. Find your sleep routine in our online course.

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