What Your Immune System Wants You To Know


“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient, while nature cures the disease,” the French philosopher Voltaire once said.

Even today, where the fabulous achievements of modern medicine made it possible to cure many illnesses humankind might never have dreamt of, our body comes with this great feature to in many cases simply heal itself. 

Well, there are certain diseases that an intact immune system can’t cure, think of autoimmune illnesses. Also, an immune system ages, as we age. And even Voltaire might have known that there is, unfortunately, always at least one person with the ability to sabotage our immune system, and therefore our path to wellbeing.

Guess who? It is ourselves. Many of us are very successful in doing so. 

*This guide isn’t meant to give medical advice – to properly comprehend your conditions and before implementing any of these recommendations, please consult a health professional.



Generation Stress Overload

We struggle under the loads of commitments that result from busy everyday schedules, where work, family and friends are desperately squeezed into. Quite often it feels like none of them get enough attention — and then we didn’t even manage to think of time just for ourselves.

Let’s take a moment to embrace our modern lifestyles. Isn’t it great to have a job that keeps us busy, an active social life and somewhere in between we spend time on travel? Within all the business: Would we really want it differently? 

Still, as a negative side effect, our lifestyles of being “always on” usually mean that we forget something very important: taking care of ourselves. A lack of sleep and movement as well as an unbalanced mind weakens our immune system.

By that, we are more likely to feel weak and to get sick. So it is almost ironic that the more we hustle and bustle, we prevent our quadrillion helpers from hustling and bustling for us.

Nourish Your Immune System

Strengthening your immune system doesn’t have to be scary. Learn about the inner workings of your body as well as practical exercises you can bring to your day to become healthier and more energetic in everyday life.

Boost your immune system with healthy habits.

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