Is Your Immune System Functioning Properly?

The immune system is our superpower that keeps us healthy. Unfortunately, with our hectic everyday lifestyles we can weaken our natural defences. Not enough sleep, too much alcohol, unhealthy eating habits and a lack of movement all play a role in how our immune system functions. 

Imagine this: right now, there are a quadrillion helpers in your body nonstop busy helping you feel fit, energetic and concentrated. Each are working together to support you in reaching a state of mental and physical health – while protecting you from bad inner and outer influences. 


These quadrillion helpers are the cells that build your immune system: your body’s shield against viruses, bacteria and toxins that form the base of our health.  

How can we tell if our immune system is struggling? What are the major symptoms of a weak immune system?

3 Signs Of A Weakened Immune System

Here are a few major symptoms to keep an eye on. If any of these ailments are a common occurrence for you – now you can start to seek solutions.

01 Do you suffer from frequent diarrhea or constipation?

Considering that 70 to 80 percent of your immune system lives in the gut, these symptoms are excellent indicators that something is off. Within the gut are trillions of good bacteria and immune cells fighting to protect your body from infectious invaders, and when these numbers drop your risk of getting ill increases.

02 Are you always sniffling and sneezing?

Another warning sign of a weak immune system is a recurring cold. While it’s normal to catch one a few times a year, enduring endless colds means that your system is struggling to cope.

03 Does a cut or scrape seem to take forever to disappear?

Your skin can’t regenerate without healthy immune cells, and your body demonstrates this when your wounds are slow to heal.

Build Healthy Habits

Take a moment to analyze yourself and become aware of the status of your immune system. Check out our Boost Your Immune System course to build new habits that support your entire immune system in becoming healthier.

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