Reflect & De-Stress Challenge
4-day guide for calmness and clarity
Just 2 classes a day for 4 days

Regularly looking inward is essential for balancing your emotions, rediscovering your strengths and reflecting on what you want to achieve in life. Take some time for yourself with our Challenge, which has everything you need to calm down and recenter.


Just 4 Days to…
  • Feeling more grounded
  • Coping better with stress
  • Redefining the meaning of success
  • Finding inner peace and clarity
  • Releasing physical tension
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4-Day Challenge
Reflect & De-Stress
The Reflect & De-Stress Challenge was designed to help you think deeply and carefully about your inner state, and relax after a period of tension. Gain new knowledge and practices, and install them into your self-care routine.