We believe in a holistic way to health and wellbeing

Our Story

The best way to explain what My INNER HEALTH Club is about, is by remembering how things started: with the recurring observation that western health care systems focus on fighting disease rather than on preserving health, on quickly curing individual symptoms rather than on seeing the human body as the interconnected system it really is. Why does illness get more attention than health? Where did all the knowledge around ancient healing methods go? When have we unlearned to look within and listen to our mental and physical needs? We felt something was missing. A place that honours health as the most valuable asset of our time, providing access to knowledge around self-directed health for literally ‘every body’.

Our Mission

My INNER HEALTH Club is filling the gap. We have created a digital platform offering guided courses that teach you how to reach holistic health. In close collaboration with the world’s leading experts, we combine traditional wisdom from the past with modern insights from today. Our mission is to share curated knowledge followed by actionable advice, empowering  you to take back control of your own health, to understand it, to maintain it – and to eventually become the best version of yourself. 

Our Approach

Seeing health holistically is crucial to us. Derived from the Greek word holos (ολοσ), holistic means whole or all, and pinpoints our approach: to comprehend a person in their entirety. The approach is rooted in ancient healing methods, which took into account all aspects of an individual and regarded the prevention of disease as its highest goal. Our ancestors might not have had scientific evidence for their techniques, but experience based on observation. Today we know they were right: everything is connected. 

Our Offer

We offer highly structured courses that respect the interconnectedness of body and mind and touch on the four pillars which contribute to holistic health the most: nutrition, mental health, exercise, and sleep. The content of our courses is composed by scientists, practitioners and trainers, all being absolute experts in their fields. We share their wisdom with you – in comprehendible yet profound and sophisticated multimedia content. And we translate their wisdom for you – into daily practices which you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

Your Guide To Wellbeing
  • Group Guided and motivating courses
  • Group Video, audio and reading classes
  • Group Holistic knowledge from scientists
  • Group Access from anywhere at any time
  • Group Mental resilience, nutrition, movement, sleep

Our Courses

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