What is Qigong?

Qi = life force and energy

Gong = practice

Qigong = the practice of energy

Qigong (pronounced ‘Chi Gong’) is the ancient Taoist practice of working with energy. It is a form of meditation that combines controlled breathing and gentle movement. Qigong can help access the dormant energy within you, by gently removing blockages and drawing from the limitless resources all around.

The practice uses sacred movements and breathwork to distill energy into what Taoists call elixir – a healing substance that revitalizes, nurtures and harmonizes our entire system. They believed their practice could lead not only to better health and increased vitality, but to immortality, so their cherished art was passed down for generations in secrecy.

A question that our Qigong expert Lingji Hon is often asked is: what is the difference between Taiji Quan (also known as Tai Chi) and Qigong? She says: “I would compare Qigong to an abundance of diverse ingredients and spices, and Taiji to just one recipe that uses a few of them for an exquisite dish. The number of Qigongs that exist in the world are limitless – but the combination and order that you practice them in determines the effectiveness and outcome of your practice.”

3 simple Qigong movements to integrate into your daily life to activate energy:

01 Standing in a queue: place feet flat on the floor, weight evenly distributed, and straighten your back, with the crown of your head reaching for the sky.

02 Sitting at your desk for long periods: gently rotate head, neck, eyes, shoulders, wrists and ankles.

03 On a long flight: practice the ‘rhinoceros gazes at moon’ posture, which means turning the torso and both arms (outstretched with hands clasped) to the left, then the right.

Qigong can help access the dormant energy within you

Learn all about Qigong and how it can help restore vitality to your daily life, in our digital course Feeling Exhausted? Activate Your Innate Energy led by Lingji.

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