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Create your own calm through journaling

Writing down thoughts provides more clarity about yourself, your values and goals. This makes journaling an effective method for more focus, productivity and self-understanding.

Journaling is a form of writing in a diary. The basic idea is to look inward. Where am I right now? How do I feel? What’s on my mind? These impulse questions trigger self-reflection and need-oriented self-knowledge.

In journaling, we consciously deal with thoughts and emotions, and put them on paper. In this way we gain more clarity about ourselves, our values and goals, and can focus on the positive things in life. That’s why journaling is also used as a form of therapy.

What happens to your brain when you write?

It’s important to use a pen and paper when journaling. Handwriting involves a thought process where we focus on what is important. And we can only do that if we understand the content. In the process, fine motor skills are strengthened on a physical level, and the brain is calmed on a mental level.

If thoughts remain in the head, they often take on great significance. When we let them out, by writing them down, the intense feeling is diminished, and the process of thoughts is slowed down. So during analog writing, we intuitively adopt a reduced perspective. In short, writing down what’s on your mind clears your head.

Start your own journal

At best, journaling should be a consistent daily ritual that helps you start your day consciously or reflect on it in the evening, to keep your goals clear, and focus on positive thoughts. And it doesn’t have to take long – just five minutes is enough.

Feel free to use the pages of your journal in whatever way feels right at that moment. Consider each day afresh. Note experiences. Write down specific things that you want to do to get closer to your goals. Write down feelings and sensations. Reflect or manifest. Get to know yourself better. Just write freely.

Another option is to ask yourself questions while journaling. Choose the questions that intuitively draw you in on that particular day. You often can’t answer life’s big questions right away – unless you happen to feel like it. Rather, start small and everything else will naturally follow:

What made me happy today?

Which three things am I especially grateful for today?

What have I learned today?

What do I want to focus on tomorrow?

What are my visions and goals?

What do I need to do to achieve them?

What do I need to be happy in the first place?

For further guidance, try one of our classes that includes journaling on the topics of stress, communication or success.

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